The great thranta was the largest of the thranta species native to the planet Alderaan and became extinct when the world was destroyed. Its size was estimated at being fifteen times longer then the pilotta thranta.

This species of the thranta differed as they possessed a white coloration to their skin as well as a long neck ending in a stubby head. Their tail also differed as it was proportionally smaller and lacked the horizontal lobes common to the other species. As was expected, the wings of the beasts possessed strong muscles that allowed them to fly in the skies of their homeworld. Like the other subspecies, they were trainable and would be controlled by handlers who would place a compartment on the back of the beasts head while a larger passenger compartment was placed around its chest.

Holograms of the great thranta and many other species that suffered extinction in the destruction of Alderaan were displayed at the Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals. Lyrre T'enna used the streams there to create sketches to be compiled in a field guide.

The species should not be confused with the giant thranta, which was merely a large breed of the common thranta.


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