This article is about the conflict between the Rutan and Senali. You may be looking for the war between the Jedi and the Sith.
"All Senalis will fight, just as we did in the great war. And we will triumph once again."

The great war was a conflict between the planets of Rutan and Senali.

Senali was an orbiting satellite and a colony of Rutan for many years. The two worlds fought a long and difficult war that took its toll on both populations. The war was won by the satellite Senali in a surprising upset and it became a separate world with its own government.

Since the war was devastating to both worlds, a unique peace agreement was decided upon. The firstborn children of the rulers of both Rutan and Senali were exchanged when each child reached seven years of age. The child was brought up on the neighboring planet, but was allowed to receive visitors and go for short visits to his or her home planet, as well as be in contact with the royal family.