Greater Galam was a gas giant planet in the Lan system, the fifth from the star Lan, within the Hook Nebula, in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. As a gas giant, the planet lacked a solid surface and was therefore, incapable of supporting life. It was orbited by sixteen moons. Greater Galam was not ore-rich, unlike the rest of the system. It was due to the system's richness in those resources that led to its discovery by the Galactic Republic sometime around 1300 BBY, bringing many miners and colonists into the region. The insectoid sentient natives of the world Lan Barell, the Qieg, eventually formed an alliance with the Human colonists, forming a governing body, the Human-Qieg Guild, which administrated over the entire system. In due time, the Lan system came under the control of the powerful Galactic Empire, although the latter lacked any official presence in it.[2]

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Greater Galam was mentioned in the 1994 article "Lan Barell," written by Paul Sudlow and later published within Star Wars Adventure Journal 1.


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