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"Your reminiscence of the Westhills harvest was fine work. Did you ever taste the greel-wood syrup from Far Hiradne?"
―Old Jho to Holshef[src]

Greel-wood was a type of wood harvested from trees found in Lothal's Far Hiradne forests. Greel-wood syrup could be harvested from this wood, however, the Galactic Empire's deforestation practices on the planet made it a rare commodity.[1]

After reading the works of Holshef, a human poet, the Ithorian Old Jho reminisced with him about greel-wood syrup from Far Hiradne. Holshef stated that he had once worked there as an apprentice sap collector, and as the two continued their discussion, they headed to a back area of Old Jho's Pit Stop to enjoy a bottle of vintage Hiradne syrup.[1]


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