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Green Squadron, also referred to as Green Group, was a starfighter squadron that served as part of the Rebel Alliance's straighter corps during the Galactic Civil War.


Battle of AtollonEdit

After Thrawn discovered the location of the rebel base on Atollon, Green Squadron Y-wings were used to assault the Imperial ships that had entered the Atollon system. During the battle, at least 2 members of green squadron were shot down, and killed.[2]


Battle of ScarifEdit

During the Battle of Scarif, Green Squadron X-wings helped engage Imperial ships above the planetary shield and defend the Rebel fleet. Prior to the battle, Wion Dillems, normally stationed on the Profundity, replaced Puck Naeco as Green Twelve after Naeco broke an ankle in a rough landing.[5]


Battle of EndorEdit


Arvel Cyrnyd crashing into bridge of Executor.

During the Battle of Endor, Green Squadron was entirely composed of A-wing starfighters and was led by Arvel Crynyd.[1] During the battle, Green Squadron assembled to attack the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Green Six (Kokely) was destroyed by one of the many TIE fighters defending the flagship. When Crynyd sacrificed himself to destroy the Executor, command of the squadron fell to acting commander Lieutenant L'ulo L'ampar. After the deactivation of the shield generator on the forest moon below, Green Squadron, along with Yellow Squadron, were tasked with screening Gold Leader (General Lando Calrissian)'s attack run on the surface of the battlestation, and subsequently watching for starships that were evacuating from the second Death Star.[4] One such craft was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, flown by Commander Luke Skywalker and accompanied by his late father, Anakin Skywalker. Shara Bey (Green Four) intercepted Skywalker almost immediately, but Skywalker identified himself as a friendly as Bey was preparing to lock on to the Imperial ship.


  • Green Leader: Arvel Crynyd (KIA)
  • Green Two: Lt. L'ulo
  • Green Three: Unidentified A-wing pilot[4]
  • Green Four: Shara Bey
  • Green Six: Kokely (KIA)
  • Green Seven: Unidentified A-wing pilot[4]



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