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"Green squad reporting as ordered, sir."
―A member of Green squad[src]

Green squad was a military unit of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and a part of Reekeene's Roughnecks.


"Let's move, Green squad! Captain Ixsthmus isn't the type that likes to be kept waiting."
―A member of the Green squad[src]

Green squad trained to be members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Around the time of the battle of Yavin, they joined the Irregulars, guerrilla fighters who attempted to attract the attention of the Imperial forces to them, allowing thus the Rebel High Command to perform important operations. Green squad were part of Reekeene's Roughnecks, the Irregular organization of Fakir sector, and began using green armpatches for identification.

Soon after finishing their training, the members of the Green squad were assigned to the Rebel yacht Long Shot under the command of Captain Ixsthmus, who believed new recruits' skills were sub-par. General Lens Reekeene and her adviser Santhou Lazith'chika assigned Green squad to a diplomatic mission on Abonshee, wanting the Alliance to deal with the native Anointed People. The Long Shot was to escort Green squad there.

En route to Abonshee, the Long Shot was attacked by the pirate Captain Jayhawk. The Green squad helped Ixsthmus deal with this threat.


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