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«Yes? What is it? If this is about mining or Sand People, you go to the Czerka officers. I just manage the storehouse.»
―Greeta Holda, to Revan[src]

Greeta Holda was a male Rodian living in Anchorhead on Tatooine prior to and during the Jedi Civil War. An employee of the Czerka Corporation, he sold standard provisions and supplies at the settlement's general store. Despite the fact that he worked for Czerka, he disliked the company and held a dim view of their business practices. In 3956 BBY, the amnesiac ex-Dark Lord Revan arrived at Anchorhead, seeking clues to the location of the Star Forge; in order to establish a truce with a local tribe of Sand People, which he needed in order to gain information to continue the quest, Holda sold him a set of moisture vaporators as part of the peace deal. Upon rescuing the con artist Griff Vao, elder brother of Mission Vao, from the same tribe of natives, Holda hired the Twi'lek on as a worker in his warehouse. However, after an unsuccessful attempt at brewing Tarisian ale for mass-synthesis by the Exchange, Vao fled the planet; Greeta, however, was pleased to see him go.


Some time prior to the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War, the male Rodian Greeta Holda, along with his employers at the Czerka Corporation, set up shop in the outpost of Anchorhead, on the Outer Rim desert world of Tatooine, intent on exploiting the planet's potential mineral wealth. Unfortunately for Czerka, these prospects proved to be dismal, as Tatooinian ore possessed unusual properties that rendered the metal virtually worthless. As the manager of the supply store at the outpost, however, Holda continued to do business, selling basic gear and supplies to locals, spacers and Czerka employees alike.[1]

During the height of the Jedi Civil War, the amnesiac ex-Dark Lord of the Sith Revan arrived on Tatooine, seeking that world's hidden Rakatan Star Map in order to find the Star Forge. In the hopes of exploring the desert wastes beyond the walls of Anchorhead, the only settlement there, Revan and his party entered Holda's general store, which also served as the corporation's local branch office, to secure a hunting license. Though the protocol officer on duty was unwilling to sell a license due to what she felt as "too many people cavorting about the dunes already," she did agree to give one to Revan, provided that he agreed to help the company in dealing with a particularly bothersome tribe of Sand People. After accepting the deal, Revan left, but returned not long afterward seeking a set of moisture vaporators from the general store in order to seal a truce with the tribe and end their attacks on Czerka's mining operations. At the same time, the Jedi had secured the release of Griff Vao, a Twi'lek con-artist and the elder sibling of one of his companions, Mission, who had had an arrangement allowing him to work for Holda if he ever grew tired of working in the mines.[1]

After being rescued, Griff accepted an offer to work for Holda. He then informed Revan of a business opportunity: a contact from the Exchange, a notorious intergalactic criminal organization, claimed to be able to synthesize Tarisian ale. However, in order to brew a batch of the beverage, Griff needed the gland from a tach, a species of primate, that when refined into a powder produced the distinctive "kick" of the ale. Griff promised to pay Revan handsomely if the Jedi provided a gland; however, due to the destruction of Taris, tach could only be found on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Revan agreed to do this, bringing the organ to Griff for processing into the potent intoxicant, though Mission had misgivings about her brother's ability to actually brew the ale. However, something went wrong with the brewing process, ruining the sample; unable to keep his end of the deal with the Exchange operative, Griff then fled the planet. When Revan again stopped by his store, Holda informed him and the party of what had happened, passing on a message for his sister stating that Griff was sorry. Holda, however, wasn't sorry at all to see Griff go, declaring that the elder Vao was the worst employee he had ever had; though he couldn't prove it, Holda even suspected the Twi'lek of stealing from him.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

«Nobody's innocent once their mother has left the room. That's just my view.»
―Greeta Holda[src]

Holda was a pragmatic Rodian who cared little for events that did not concern him or his business; when questioned about the Sith bombing of Taris, he had little to offer on the subject. He was a competent businessperson who disliked Czerka Corporation, despite his affiliation with the company that owned and provided the goods for the store he operated. He readily agreed to aid Revan when he sought a peaceful solution to the Sand People problem, lauding the Jedi for his desire to appease them instead of resorting to violence, stating that it was exactly what Czerka wouldn't have wanted.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Greeta Holda is one of the many ancillary characters that was developed for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by the developers at BioWare. Though talking to him is not essential for game completion, it is necessary to interact in order to complete the canonical light side storyline.[2]

Greeta makes mention of the fact that he does not sell swoop bike upgrade parts if the player interacts with him after taking up swoop racing at the track owned by Motta the Hutt. This and other, similar instances within the game seem to indicate that the developers had planned to include a system of purchasing swoop upgrades and the ability to install them onto a bike to increase performance. One such swoop bike was left aboard the Ebon Hawk, the party's starship, after its theft from Tarisian crime boss Davik Kang. This was, however, cut from the final version of the game or, perhaps, never even implemented.



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