The Greethka was a large species of creature that lived on the planet Prakith.

Biology and appearancesEdit

Adult Greethka could be up to two meters in width. They came in a variety of shapes, from spherical to pancake-like. Whatever their shape, all Greethka had three long pseudopods, which they could extrude from any section of their body, to grab food. Greethka preferred to live in large ponds that were fed by underground streams, although they sometimes chose to live in fast-moving rivers. Greethka ate almost anything and if their diets were not regulated, they would grow uncontrollable.

Greethka could sense heat through sensors just under the surface of their outer membranes. They could not see or hear, but could sense anything that was on the ground near to them.


The Stereb, a sentient species that lived on Prakith, sent herders to control the diets of Greethka, so that they could be used to consume unwanted debris. During the early months of the Galactic Empire, the Stereb herder Herdr'tui was attacked by Imperials and lost control of the Greethka under his care. The creature made it's way to a debris cavern, where it gorged on Imperial trash, becoming gigantic and unruly.