Gregory Todd Farshtey, commonly referred to as Greg Farshey, was a designer and editor for West End Games. He has written The River of God (1992), Hell's Feast (1994) and Demon's Dream (1996), 21 BIONICLE novels, 5 BIONICLE guide books, 4 Exo Force novels, as well as two textbooks for children. He has also authored or co-authored over 35 roleplaying game books, as well as designed the roleplaying Shatterzone and Bloodshadows universes.

He is currently employed as the Editor in Chief for the Community Education Direct division of the LEGO Company. As part of his job he wrote the BIONICLE comics included in the bi-monthly LEGO Magazine, because of BIONIClE's ending he has now moved on to making HERO FACTORY comics in the absence of the BIONICLE versions.

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Star Wars bibliographyEdit

Title Position
Classic Campaigns Development, editing
Cracken's Rebel Field Guide
Creatures of the Galaxy
Domain of Evil
Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley Editing
Mission to Lianna
The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook Editing, additional design
Planets of the Galaxy, Volume One
Rebel Alliance Sourcebook
Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook Additional editing
Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, Second Edition Additional material
The Star Wars Planets Collection Development, editing
Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition Additional design
Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded Design and editing
Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition Original design
Wanted by Cracken

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