Greglik was a handsome Human male pilot who flew for the Rebel Alliance during the early days of the Galactic Civil War.


He piloted a reconditioned ore hauler when the Rebels had to continually move planet to planet evading Firmus Piett's fleet. Though he was a good pilot, his skills were marred by his addiction to drugs like glitterstim and sweetblossom. The more drugs he used the more his addiction worsened until finally he crashed a ship, which contained seventeen Rebel fighters, into an asteroid killing himself and the rest of his crew.

Despite his addictions and the cause of his death, Leia Organa Solo saw something within him that would make her remember him for years to come, particularly while being held captive by Seti Ashgad on Nam Chorios, who had used sweetblossom to drug the New Republic Chief of State.

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