Gregor Raquoran was the Commerce Master Commissioner of the Velcar Free Commerce Zone.


Gregor Raquoran didn't rise to his post as Commerce Master Commissioner by being a supporter of Palpatine nor as a devotee of COMPNOR like most of his contemporaries. Instead he gained power as a corporate head and strong businessman. Specifically to rise to the rank of Commerce Master Commissioner of the VFCZ he carefully spread favors among all the Imperial officials who had a stake in the Velcar Free Commerce Zone.

In 7 ABY, he attended the Pentastar Talks, and despite believing the VFCZ was in good order, recognized the need to align with a party to avoid being absorbed into the New Republic. Consequently he signed the Pentastar Alignment Treaty, joining the Pentastar Alignment.

Raquoran was obese, and seemed dim-witted, symptoms of a glandular disorder affecting him. In reality, he was a shrewd businessman, keeping the VFCZ in good financial order despite the collapse of the Galactic Empire. He is not above corruption and often brokered deals in the VFCZ for his own personal profit. He lived luxuriously on Capza. A suspicious man, he was not content to allow just the Protectorate Branch to guard him so he employs more guards from various species from the VFCZ.


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