"I have to assume our greater purpose here will be revealed."
―General Greist[src]

Greist was a Human male general who served the resurgent Sith Empire during the Galactic War.


General Greist participated in the Cleansing of Nopsin along with his men Phenter and Pierce, he chose to promote the former to the rank of captain, leaving Pierce a mere lieutenant. Pierce did not mind, as he found Greist stubborn and did not get well alongside him, being transferred away shorty after.

In 3641 BBY, General Greist was stationed on the planet Hoth where he led the Armageddon Battalion, supposed to supplement the war effort on Corellia, but redirected from battlefield by Darth Baras. He and Phenter were approached by the Emperor's Wrath, who ordered them to abandon Baras' orders and lead the Armageddon Battalion to Corellia. However, due to his stubborn nature, Greist was Force-choked to death by the Wrath under Servant One's command.

Personality and traitsEdit

Pierce, who had briefly served with General Greist, described him as a stubborn character.

Behind the scenesEdit

Greist is a character in the 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic video game.

Greist's fate can be decided two ways. The player can use Force-choke and kill him or convince the general to take his battalion to Corellia. Neither option grants light side or dark side points.

If the player has Pierce as the active companion, he warns the General that people who disobey the Wrath end up dead, but Greist dismisses the threat. The player can then kill Greist, earning dark side points and a significant amount of Pierce's affection.