This article is about the hornagaunt pet of 8t88. You may be looking for Grendel, the space slug antagonist of The Slug Named Grendel.
"What's the matter, my pet? Hungry again?"

Grendel was a wing-clipped hornagaunt and a pet to the administrative droid 8t88.

Before 8t88 acquired him, Grendel was native to the storm-filled world of Tertiary Kesmere. Though the droid was calculating and cruel in other areas, he had a particular affinity for his pet, and Grendel followed his master wherever he was commanded to.

When Pic betrayed 8t88 and decapitated him, Grendel swallowed the droid's head whole. The hornagaunt would soon meet his own fate at Kyle Katarn's lightsaber in the Valley of the Jedi. Desperate to recover the information in 8t88's memory, Katarn cut Grendel open and retrieved the droid's head from one of the creature's stomachs.

Behind the scenesEdit

"This is a vornskr. Rather vicious creatures, but lovable—don't you think?"
―8t88 calls Grendel a vornskr in the Rebel Agent audio drama[src]

Grendel is first described as 8t88's pet in the novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, where he is given an active role in his master's story. In the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Grendel is not even mentioned. Since the game shows 8t88 constantly without any pet, and since its depiction of the droid's fate eliminates any possibility of the creature's involvement, a retcon of incorporating Grendel into the original game would be practically impossible. However, the game designers at one point may have considered Grendel's inclusion since an unused fully textured model and animations can be found in the archives of the Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith CD.

"Grendel" is the name the great monster and major antagonist of the epic poem Beowulf.

In the audio drama that adapts the Rebel Agent novella, 8t88 calls Grendel a vornskr.