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"This ship shall be mine. I swear it!"
―Admiral Grendeef, referring to the Star Destroyer Desolator[src]

Admiral Grendreef was commander of the Imperial base on Miser at the time of the Isis coordinates crisis.


Grendreef was a lesser known officer, whose slow rise through the ranks led to his being assigned to oversee construction of the secret Imperial base on Miser, an assignment which also provided temporary command of the Star Destroyer Desolator, officially only for the duration of the construction phase. However, Grendreef always intended to assume permanent command.

Personality and traitsEdit

Grendreef was considered to be a nasty man who enjoyed causing pain to others, and with a thirst to do something drastic. He was a large, hulking man with bushy eyebrows and slumped shoulders.


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