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A Recusant-class light destroyer was used by the Supreme Commander of the Confederate droid army, General Grievous at the Battle near the Arda system and Battle of Saleucami as a command ship.



Grievous's command ship flanked by three Munificent-class frigates

The Recusant-class light destroyer[1] surpassed the Republic's Venator-class Star Destroyer in length and could easily outmatch its firepower with some assistance from Munificent-class star frigates. It had several large cannons positioned near the bridge section, which was itself based on the Munificent-class' bridge tower. There was also heavy turbolaser on the prow. It could carry a C-9979 landing craft on its ventral surface and, unlike regular Recusants, was equipped with hangars,[2] one of the modifications unique to the ship.[4]


The vessel was used to board Eeth Koth's flagship and kidnap the Jedi Master, setting a trap for the Republic task force sent to save him and in turn kidnap Grievous. It was later severely damaged and left to drift after capturing a Arquitens-class light cruiser and targeting it at point blank range.[2] When blowing up the Arquitens, it was hit by debris and most of the crew including the main tactical droid was destroyed by Anakin and Adi Galli's rescue party. Most of the commando droids, super battle droids, and magnaguards onboard were destroyed by Obi Wan Kenobi and Eth Koth. The rest of the crew other than a few remaining battle droids were put on the landing craft going down to Salecumi. It is assumed that Anakin Skywalker destroyed the ship and most of General Grievous' fleet.



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