Grigor was the human male Imperial Governor of the planet M'haeli in 0 ABY.


A corrupt governor who set up his own illegal mining operation of dragite on the planet, Grigor replaced the stormtroopers under his command with pirates loyal to him. He oppressed the indigenous H'drachi, and eliminated at least one Rebel cell with a stormtrooper assault.

Grigor was working in league with Ambassador Jollie to cover up these events, and became of aware of Grand Moff Lynch Hauser's suspicions about his activities. Seeking to legitimize his rule in the eyes of the local population, he captured 'Queen' Mora, a descendant of the former M'haeli Human royal family, and broadcast his intentions to marry her. Grigor died at the Battle of Red Rock after he was arrested by Imperial officer Ranulf Trommer, who had been sent by Grand Moff Lynch to investigate the situation. His life ruined, he attempted to escape by holding Mora at gunpoint. A swift kick by Ranulf, however, redirected the blaster towards his own head, where it subsequently went off, killing him instantly.

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