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Grik Sonosan
Grik Sonosan
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c. 3,643 BBY, Dromund Kaas

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Old Republic era


Galactic Republic

Grik Sonosan was a Human male Agent who served as a spy for the Galactic Republic during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Grik was carrying information that he kept until he was captured by the Sith Empire and interrogated by Darth Baras. Grik refused to crack, to Baras' frustration, as some unknown power was shielding his mind. Sending his apprentice into the Dark Temple to retrieve an ancient torture and interrogation device known as the Ravager, Baras used it to finally break Grik.

Under the Ravager's influence, Grik confirmed he was an Republic Strategic Information Service agent investigating a suspected Imperial spy on Nar Shaddaa on behalf of Jedi Master Nomen Karr. This incensed Baras, knowing that his nemesis was out to prove that the Empire has spies in Republic and Jedi ranks and demanded to know what alerted Karr. Grik explained that Karr was training a Padawan with the unique ability to discern one's true nature with a glance. Karr believed his Padawan's[source?] ability to be foolproof, but the Jedi Council remains skeptical. Grik was to provide the proof but was captured before doing so.

Knowing that even with this bit of relief, the Padawan is still a threat, Baras demanded that Grik tell him everything he knows about her. Grik stated that the Padawan is from Alderaan and trained on Tatooine and the Jedi have sent an investigator to root out a suspected spy on Balmorra. But before he could give anything more, the Ravager liquefied his mind, killing him.


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