"Here you see the suspected pirate vessel, GrimDeath I, a totally converted Old Republic Victory-class warship. It doesn't have the firepower of an Imperial Star Destroyer, but it is impressive nonetheless."
―Sergeant Clayton Balrog during his briefing of Spacetrooper Platoon 243-XT[src]

The GrimDeath I was a converted Victory-class Star Destroyer, used as a pirate vessel during the Galactic Civil War. It staged raids in the Woldona system before heading to Galpos II, and was suspected to be linked with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Spacetrooper Platoon 243-XT was tasked with capturing the ship.


"Remember, there are more than 300 pirates aboard."
―Sergeant Clayton Balrog[src]

A Victory-class Star Destroyer[2] manufactured by Rendili StarDrive,[1] the vessel which could be known as the GrimDeath I originally served the Galactic Republic. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the ship had been totally converted and refitted as a pirate ship, and required only a crew of just over three hundred to operate. It was equipped with sublight and hyperdrive engines, and was armed, but not as well as an Imperial Star Destroyer.[2]


"This vessel is responsible for raids throughout the Woldona System, and recent observations indicate that the pirates in question may have ties to the Rebellion."
―Sergeant Clayton Balrog[src]

The vessel which would later be named the GrimDeath I initially served the Galactic Republic as a warship. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the vessel was in the hands of pirates, and Imperial High Command believed that the pirates were in league with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. After conducting a series of raids in the Woldona system, the GrimDeath I headed for the planet Galpos II. A Star Destroyer tracked the vessel, waiting for the Avenger and Terminator to move in, but Imperial High Command authorized the vessel to engage the GrimDeath I as they feared the pirates might escape. The plan was for the Star Destroyer to act as a distraction; by entering the GrimDeath I's sensor range and forcing the pirate ship to turn and scan the Star Destroyer, a battle shuttle carrying Spacetrooper Platoon 243-XT would approach the GrimDeath I under cover of its engine noise. Zero-G assault stormtroopers, led by Sergeant Clayton Balrog, would then storm the ship and capture it.[2]


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