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Grindol Maal was an ex-pirate with Rebel sympathies.


Maal was a close friend with the Revwien Wuwuhuul. Together, they volunteered to aid the Rebellion on a mission to the planet Goratak III. The Rebellion was trying to capture a I2-CG droid that had crashed on the planet. The droid contained highly sensitive information on a Rebel starfighter manufacturing plant on Tar Morden.

Maal was joined by the Red Smoke, Safari One and Buzz Boys squads. The 30 troops in total fought against 15 Imperial troops and a group of bounty hunters led by Feskitt Bobb. They clashed in the middle of a crystal forest, with the outcome of the battle unknown.

Maal was always eager to fight against the Empire, and was often armed with a blaster rifle and a vibrocutlass.


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