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This article is about the starship in existence in 137 ABY. You may be looking for the starship in existence in 3 BBY.
"I want the Grinning Liar--Something that actually runs."

The Grinning Liar was a YX-1980 space transport vessel employed by smugglers Chak and Kee.


In 137 ABY, Chak rented his ship to Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue, but they were caught by the Feeorin pirate Rav, who turned them over to the Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and confiscated the Grinning Liar. Sometime later Chak, Kee, Jariah Syn and Cade Skywalker sneaked into the Crimson Axe and after a short fight Rav reluctantly returned the Grinning Liar as Chak and Kee's property. The ship was last seen on Socorro Spaceport where Chak told Cade he would lose himself in the galaxy for a while advising Cade to do the same.

Several months later, the Grinning Liar joined a massive fleet of civilian volunteers that aided the Galactic Alliance Remnant in the evacuation of the planet Dac, which had been poisoned by the One Sith in an effort to eliminate all life on the planet.



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