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Gription, also known as an magnatomic grip, was a friction activated molecular adhesive used to hold two objects together.

Used in gription panels, gription clips, and gription seams, gription was a friction activated molecular adhesive, and was used to hold two objects together through use of an extremely strong molecular bond, capable of holding up to hundreds of kilograms - as demonstrated by gription clips. This molecular bond could be deactivated by depressing certain section of the adhesive layer - a trait used in gription panels to great affect. Gription was used in many applications; INS-444 window installation droids used gription panels in order to transport transparisteel windows, and the DLT-20A blaster rifle made use of a magnatomic grip to keep the users hand securely around it's grip.

A secondary repulsorlift based type of gription also seemed to exist, used by UT-ATs by the Grand Army of the Republic. This type of gription worked by reversing the effect of their repulsorlift skids, creating a reverse repulsorlift "gription" field to hold the vehicles in place.



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