"Now, you people from Boss Jorrn come along. You tell me how I have to buy protection from you from now on or bad things are goin' to happen me. A little late, aren't you boys? You should've been here last year! I've got nothing left worth protectin' now, have I ? Bloody amateurs! After what I've been through, your kind are almost welcome around here."
―Grison Jarn to members of the Jorrn Kresh gang[src]

Grison Jarn was a Human male farmer. During the Galactic Civil War, Alliance forces commandeered Jarn's gravtrac, giving him a datachip in return so that he could claim it once they were through with it. However, the Empire pushed the Alliance off the planet and the gravtrac was confiscated as Rebel contraband by the Imperials. The Empire then requisitioned Jarn's farmhouse as an observation post and it was subsequently destroyed by Alliance-allied agents. A year later, Jarn was approached by members of Jorrn Kresh's gang for protection money. He recounted his misfortunes and told them he had nothing left worth protecting.


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