Groex Gal was a religious male Ebranite around 0 BBY. He was able to communicate in the Ayrou language.


Gal worked as a kind of tour guide for the people on the moon of Qina helping pilgrims find their way to Inicus Mont, a religious retreat. He was an explorer and scout during the early years of the New Order, but Imperial oppression kept him from finding steady employment. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, he traveled to Mina to try and establish a colony for his people. Unfortunately, his plan never succeed, but Gal remained on Mina because of his acceptance among the Vashans. While he helped many pilgrims bypass the more treacherous sections of the path to Inicus Mont, he ensured that visitors were not allowed to use vehicles or ships to reach the sacred place, since the journey to Inicus Mont was as much a spiritual experience as the pillar itself. Despite this belief, Gal maintained four Z-95 Headhunters, a set of ships he had hoped to use as a defense force for his Ebranite colony.


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