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This article is about Groff Haugg, the death stick producer. You may be looking for Groff Zugga from Mon Gazza..
"He was probably more afraid of the Bando Gora than he was of Montross."

Groff Haugg was a male individual who was the owner of Haugg Nerf Industries and a death stick producer.


Haugg ran a nerf-packing plant in the industrial sector of Coruscant prior to the Battle of Naboo called Haugg Nerf Industries which supplied nerf meat, but his plant was also a front for production of death sticks. His death stick product contained a Bando Gora neurotoxin that enslaved anyone who used it. He shipped them to various corners of the galaxy in the sides of carbonite shipping containers that contained nerf meat. He was killed while being interrogated by Montross by carbonite flash-freezing before Jango Fett could get any information from him. However Groff Haugg lied to Montross by diverting him to the Gazzari system which used to have a death stick smuggling operation before it was stopped by the Republic, something Rozatta would later comment on by saying, "he was probably more afraid of the Bando Gora then he was with Montross".

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the official strategy guide shows Groff Haugg as a Gran, in the game itself, as well as in the concept art by Cory Allemeier, he is shown to be of a different species. His name was misspelled at times as 'Groff Haug.'



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