The Grohl sector was a sector in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Lying near the Triellus Trade Route, the Grohl sector was home to sentient species such as the Felacatians and the Porporites. Significant locations in the sector included Sucharme, Korseg IV, Hikil, and the Koiogra system.


Early in the Grohl sector's history, it was under the control of the Hutt Cartel.[2]

The sector later became a flashpoint for a galaxy-wide conflict when the Porporites, a sentient species native to the Grohl sector's Porpor system,[2] became widely addicted to ryll spice introduced to them by Neimoidian traders. The drug produced violent rages in the formerly peaceful Porporites, who began to raid neighboring star systems. In 4800 BBY, Gank mercenaries were hired by the Neimoidians in response, resulting in the extermination of the Porporites. The Gank forces continued their rampage in a full-scale war against the entire Galactic Republic. In 4775 BBY, the Gank Massacres ended after the Jedi Order finally defeated the Ganks.[4]

During the Republic Dark Age, the sector was controlled by the Brotherhood of Darkness.[2]

After its return to Republic control, the Neimoidian-dominated Trade Federation became influential in the sector. By the time of the Battle of Naboo, the Federation had controlling interest in the planet Sucharme's agricultural corporations. Under Federation control, Sucharme's economy was disrupted as the Neimoidian cartel turned the planet into an exporter of raw materials to other worlds dominated by the Federation. Local protests on Sucharme resulted in a full-scale invasion by the Federation's military forces.[3]

The local Grohl Sector Defense Force, after having battled pirates in the rimward parts of the sector and ended a civil war on Ostega, responded by ousting the Federation forces from Sucharme. The Grohl Liberation Front was also formed in response, an organization which engaged in a campaign of sabotage against the Trade Federation. One Defense Force officer, Major Kligson, resigned his commission to join the Grohl Liberation Front.[3]

Enough fighting took place in the Grohl sector during the Clone Wars that, by the end of the war, the sector was littered with Confederacy of Independent Systems warships and battle droids left inert after the Separatist surrender. The newly-formed Galactic Empire, however, did not bring freedom to the sector. The Empire sent an invasion force of clone troopers turned stormtroopers to Sucharme, ordered to eliminate planetary leaders and nationalize the planet's commerce. Kligson, the hero of Grohl sector who had served the Republic as a captain in its Grand Army, was gunned down by his own forces when he tried to countermand their orders. Rescued by Liberation Front agents and rebuilt as a cyborg, Kligson briefly led guerrilla efforts against the Empire in the sector from the space station dubbed Kligson's Moon. After a few months, however, Kligson and his moon left the sector.[3]

During the Galactic Civil War, the Grohl sector was contested between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Alliance Intelligence agents Diskio and K'lial Khzrry, a Xi'Dec couple, operated in the region.[5] The Battle of Korseg IV was also fought in the sector.[1]

Years later, Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire held control of the sector.[2]


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