This article is about the Rebel. You may be looking for Grond, an Imperial soldier.

Grond was a Human male member of the Alliance Military's 4th Squad which was under the command of Corporal Jobin during the Galactic Civil War.


During the Battle of Hoth, 4th Squad were stationed at Echo Station 5-7. Grond noticed out that the ion cannon near the South Entrance was under attack by snowtroopers and an All Terrain Scout Transport. He and Sora were ordered to flank the Imperials and attack them from the rear while Jobin, Roj, and another soldier attacked the Imperials head on. They successfully destroyed the AT-ST, although the stormtroopers had already entered the ion cannon and executed the Rebel personnel inside. They then retook the ion cannon. In the vicious close combat, Grond was shot, along with the anonymous rebel. However, their sacrifice allowed the squad to recapture the ion cannon and fire at an Imperial Star Destroyer, allowing Rebel transports to escape.



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