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Groundquakes were natural phenomena on rocky planets. As their internal cores spun, they created rift zones, faults, and plates on the surface as a result of convection currents. When two plates moved past each other, or slid past or under each other, the immense friction would result in a groundquake and anything caught in the shock wave would be damaged or destroyed from shaking. Scales for measuring groundquakes included standard magnitude[1] and the Imperial quake scale.[2]

A magnitude 77.88 groundquake was mentioned as being fairly major.[2]

Natural occurrences of groundquakesEdit

Groundquakes were common to Berchest,[1] Shola, Riflor, Velusia, and many other planets.

In 43.5 ABY, groundquakes occurred on the planet Kessel.

Artificially created groundquakesEdit

When Bao-Dur's Mass Shadow Generator was activated once again on Malachor V, it unleashed massive and devastating groundquakes that literally tore the planet apart.[3]

The initial shot on Despayre from the first Death Star's superlaser triggered massive groundquakes and shifted entire tectonic plates.[4]



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