Grub was a male Evocii ambassador of the Hutt Cartel leader Karagga living during the Galactic War. Following the Annexation of neutral systems by Karagga in 3640 BBY, Grub was sent to mediate the possible conflict with the Sith Empire, meeting with ambassador Rove aborad the Ziost Shadow. Grub tried to downplay Karagga's aggression and as the negotiations stalled, Rove authorized an imperial strike team to shuttle down to the surface of Hutta and discuss the matter with Karagga face-to-face. The confrontation ended in violence and Karagga was killed, leading the position of the Supreme Mogul vacant.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ambassador Grub appears in the Star Wars: The Old Republic during the introductory cutscene for the "Karagga's Palace" operation on Imperial side.


Notes and referencesEdit

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