"Don't be the kind of commander who leaves things to others."

Sergeant Grudo was a male Rodian soldier who fought during the Clone Wars and in many previous conflicts against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


"Grudo isn't a bounty hunter, he's an old soldier. He's been in more battles and on more campaigns than most regular soldiers. He's led troops in battle his whole life."
Nejaa Halcyon[src]

In order to leave Rodia, Grudo had pretended to be a bounty hunter, and often wore several sheathed knives in bandoleers across his chest. He found his way into the Freedom's Sons organization, though he was captured on Bpfassh by the Jedi Nejaa Halcyon, while delaying the Jedi so that the rest of the Sons could escape on Halcyon's own ship, the Plooriod Bodkin. Halcyon allowed him to go free, not wanting to return a laughing-stock with a single prisoner, on the condition that Grudo stay on Coruscant until Halcyon called on him.

Grudo was later was conscripted to fight in the Battle of Praesitlyn, and, after arriving on Praesitlyn, he volunteered to go on a reconnaissance mission led by Sergeant L'Loxx, to probe the Separatist lines for any possible weaknesses. As he was returning from the successful mission, Grudo was shot in the head by a fellow soldier named Odie Subu. Subu had just escaped near death and thought she heard the enemy approach, so she fired her blaster at Grudo instinctively. After being taken to the aid station Grudo was visited by Commander Anakin Skywalker, and died right after he told Skywalker not to cry for him.



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