"I have done what I had to do in order to free my people. I have done this thing to make others understand they cannot own us."
―An excerpt from the recording of the last words of Grunel Ovin[src]

Grunel Ovin was a male Klatooinian freedom fighter who led the anti-slavery organization known as the Sapience Defense Front. In 44 ABY, Ovin was arrested by forces of the Galactic Alliance and taken into custody onboard the CC-7700 frigate Fireborn. Ovin was visited while in the ship's brig by the captain, a Falleen named Hunor, who propositioned the Klatooinian with his own death in exchange for martyrdom. The freedom fighter later recorded a barbed message to Chief of State Natasi Daala, and as it was broadcast across the expanse of the HoloNet, Ovin was killed along with the entire crew of the Fireborn in the frigate's subsequent explosion over Coruscant. Following his death, leadership of the Sapience Defense Front was assumed by Ovin's brother Padnel.


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