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"Can I talk about why Artom's dumb now?"

Grunt was an alias that was used by a male Trandoshan who served as a private in the Cularin Militia during the time of the Clone Wars. Following the discovery of a document written by the explorer Reidi Artom, Grunt and two Militia privates under the alias' Pac and Mack made their way to the offices of Cularin Central Broadcasting on the planet Cularin and demanded to be interviewed by the reporter Yara Grugara. Grugara agreed to their proposition and during the interview, Grunt and his compatriots explained that they were opposed to the anti-war viewpoint that Artom expressed in the recently discovered document. Grunt described Artom as "dumb" and Pac considered the Trandoshan's views to be extreme, but believed that Grunt's views were representative of some portions of the Cularin Militia.