Grunts was a male Weequay owned by Lady Valarian on Tatooine, before being won by Han Solo in a game of Sabacc. Solo set Grunts free as soon as they left the Lucky Despot. Solo hired Grunts to help with cargo, but he and Chewbacca didn't get along, Solo was forced to let Grunts go.

Grunts then became a slave for Mawbo Kem and was later freed. To buy himself passage off planet Grunts then worked for Kem. In 8.5 ABY Grunts saw Solo and his new wife Leia Organa Solo and was present when the Killik Twilight was stolen by Kitster Chanchani Banai in Mos Espa's "performance hall". Grunts then helped the Solos by bringing them to an apartment with a vantage point of the Banai household and acting as lookout. Grunts spent at least twelve years on Tatooine, which was evidenced by his twelve seclusion braids in 8 ABY.