A Sauvax holding a gruush.

A gruush was a pointed non-dedicated tool favored by the Sauvax species of the planet Leritor.[1][2]

The gruush was a long spear attached to a pointed bone or scrap of metal.[1] One of the ends of the gruush ended in a spiked point plus a curved hook.[1][2]

The gruush was intended to be used for fishing, particularly in the continental shelves of Leritor.[1][2] The Sauvax also used gruushes to grow slime and algae, again in the shelves.[2] It was also commercially sold for 50 credits.[1]

Although the Sauvax were not a warlike people[2][1], the gruush could be used as a weapon, both by piercing and by throwing it. In that case, the damage caused by a gruush could compare to any traditional spear,[1] or to the more dangerous point of the two-bladed gaderffii of the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine[3] A Dark Side Adept known as Profex Rynalla killed several settlers on Leritor, eventually leaving behind several gruushes so that the Sauvax, the only known users of weapon, would be blamed for the attack.[2]



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