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The Gruvians were the native sentients of the planet Gruvia in the Expansion Region.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Gruvians were tall, green, mound-shaped beings who shuffled along without visible legs or feet. They had two mouths, eight eye stalks, and four thin arms with three-fingered hands.[1]

Two well-known Gruvians were Benja and Olall Da'aapp, two tourists who were often seen at the Kuat Passenger Port during the Imperial era.[1] Gruvians were known for their alcoholic beverage, Gruvian Tovash.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Gruvian T11

A Gruvian (possibly) pictured in In the Beginning.

A Gruvian-like alien appears in In the Beginning. This character has ten eyes, and only one visible mouth and pair of arms. This may either represent a variation in Gruvian appearance, or a different species.



Notes and referencesEdit

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