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"You gualama-loving, tail-kissing scum-shepherd."
―Webb Taffral insults his brother, Dav Taffral[src]

Gualama were a species of herbivorous grassland animals found on the planet of Naboo.[1] To describe someone as "Gualama-loving" was considered an insult, and during a family meal at their home on Saleucami the Imperial-loyal Webb Taffral used the term to against his brother Dav Taffral, who had joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2]

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Gualama first appeared in The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide, a Star Wars Legends sourcebook written by Terryl Whitlatch and Bob Carrau and released in 2001. The species was confirmed to be canon when they were mentioned in Aftermath, a novel written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2015.



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