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The Guardian Mantis was Vana Sage's trademark ship. It was a unique starfighter of Xi Char design.


An extremely maneuverable three-winged craft, it could brake to a complete stop mid-flight as well as enable a stealth mode. Vana's astromech droid, Mod-3, maintained and repaired the ship while on-board.[2]


The Mantis destroys Trade Federation droid starfighters.

It was armed with two laser cannons, a nano missile launcher,[1] and a unique ion encumbrance system. This system launched small ion-enabled "tags", projectiles which attached to enemy vessels and caused an ionization effect which disabled their deflector shields.[2] These tags could also be used as homing beacons for the nano missiles.


Vana Sage was known to have used this ship as early as[3] 32 BBY[4] when she, along with the pirate Nym, and Naboo pilot Rhys Dallows destroyed a droid factory on Eos and attacked a Trade Federation convoy over Naboo, as well as defending a Naboo Resistance base on the planet's surface with Nym.[3] She continued to use this fighter years later and was last seen searching for news of her friend Reti.[5]

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A head-on view of Guardian Mantis.



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