The Guild of Vindicators was a cult of religious fanatics that was known to operate in the region of space containing Cheelit, whose ruler Lady Dhol referred to them derisively as "those stealers-of-eggs". Their symbol was a small skull clasp worn at the throat of a rough brown cassock. They were known to have had an eye-for-an-eye belief in which death was the only way to expiate one's sins. Their intolerance of Imperial atrocities and use of assassins like Clat the Shamer led them into direct conflict with the Empire, and they forced Dhol to take part in an attempt to assassinate Darth Vader to punish him for his myriad misdeeds.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Guild was going to be featured in Joe Bongiorno's and Rich Handley's article Cult Encounters of the Star Wars Universe, but Star Wars Gamer was canceled before it could be published.