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Gulmarids were a sapient reptilian species indigenous to Gulma.


During the Galactic Civil War, Gulma was slated by the Galactic Empire for annihilation, and the Emperor dispatched the dreaded starship Azgoghk to Gulma. Commanded by Mir Tork and the sadistic "scientist" Leonis Murthé, the Imperial death ship arrived on Gulma and rounded up the native Gulmarids for the sole purpose of systematic extermination, furthering the Human-only New Order.

The entire race was brought to the edge of extinction until a survivor, Slique Brighteyes, sought the aid of Boba Fett in ending the terrible existence of the Azgoghk in 10 ABY. Fett released numerous Gulmarids, although their numbers were so low that there was little hope that the Gulmarids could recover.



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