The Gultanna system was a star system that was located in the Vadigult sector, in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy.[1] Between 12,000 BBY and 11,000 BBY the region was still considered Wild Space,[5] and it was first widely explored at some point between 8000 BBY and 5500 BBY.[6] By the New Sith Wars between 1004 BBY and 1000 BBY it was considered to be in unaligned or contested territory.[7] The region was under the control of the Galactic Republic by the Clone Wars, fought between 22 BBY and 19 BBY,[2] following which it fell within the region under the control by the Republic's successor state, the Galactic Empire.[3] It remained in Imperial space until 9 ABY,[8] but by 10 ABY was no longer within Imperial holdings.[9] By the year 137 ABY the region had become part of the territory controlled by the Empire controlled by the Sith Lord Darth Krayt.[4]

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"Of that list of systems, Gultanna, Manoe, Opitha Tren and Thory Prime were created for the appendix, basically for bookkeeping purposes so every sector would be associated with at least one system."
―Jason Fry explains the creation of the Gultanna system.[[1]]

The Gultanna system was created for the Essential Atlas Online Companion appendix, which was written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace and released in 2009. Fry later stated on the Jedi Council Forums that the system was made for bookkeeping purposes, so that the Vadigult sector would be associated with at least one system.[10]


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