The Gun Emplacement was a standard static defense installation produced by Arakyd Industries and used for adding firepower to otherwise defenseless large space stations.


Cheaper and more versatile than retrofitting weaponry to an existing station, they required less maintenance and skilled crew than a starfighter squadron. Static defenses such as the Gun Emplacement were the sensible choice for for the budget conscious station commander wishing to deter all but the most persistent attackers.

This static gun platform was armed with dual rotating turbolaser turrets that were designed to target and destroy incoming enemy fighters or capital ships. Two gunners were stationed inside the platform, although droids could be used in place of sentients to cut down on costs. A light shield and moderate armor protected the gunners.

Arrangement of Gun Emplacements was critical to their efficacy. They needed to be deployed sufficiently far from the resource they were protecting in order to form an effective obstacle to incoming foes, yet they also needed to have a good firing arc.

Skilled Rebel starfighter pilots could usually overcome Gun Emplacements, due to their shielded craft. Imperial TIE Fighter pilots found it slightly more difficult.



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