SoroSuub Gun Tugs were small two-seat spacecraft often employed by pirates and space scavengers.


Gun Tugs were designed for the Outer Rim market and other less civilized areas as a cheap and easy transport craft. The two tractor beams were the ship's primary armament, which limited the offensive capabilities. For more traditional combat, the Gun Tug also sported a pair of fire-linked blaster cannons. The Gun Tug was ideal to move large cargos around and defend them from possible raids.


The Gun Tugs were designed in the latter days of the Old Republic and were sold to trading companies in less developed sectors. However, when trade exploration into these areas died down, SoroSuub stopped selling and producing these ships.[1]

By this time, pirates and scavengers had discovered the use of the Gun Tug. Other ships disabled larger ships and Gun Tugs were used to haul them away. Although Gun Tugs were never really common among pirate fleets, those few outlaw organizations who possed them maintained them carefully and put them to good use.[1]

Gun Tugs were used by the pirate Arns Grimraker[2], the Nebula Raiders[1] and the Sons and Daughters of Freedom[3].



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