"That is Senator Gunaray Dod. The great lout is more than ugly. He's corrupt right up to those tiny ears"
―Nalrin Daheel[src]

Gunaray Dod was a male Neimoidian Senator who represented Cato Neimoidia in the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Cold War against the resurgent Sith Empire.


A Neimoidian statesman, Gunaray Dod served in the Galactic Republic Senate around 3643 BBY following the Great Galactic War and the resurgence of the Sith Empire. Part of the Cold War-era Senate, Dod was rumored to be linked to Black Sun, paying criminals and thugs to harass his political rivals using rare Kavin bills.[1]

His fellow Senator Nalrin Daheel suspected him of corruption, and asked a traveling hero to venture into Black Sun territory to recover some of the rumored Kavin bills. The hero succeeded and gave the bills to Daheel, who planned to use them to prove Dod's corruption.

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Gunaray Dod appears in the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, as part of the mission "Follow the Money".


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