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Gunda Mabin was a female Aqualish who worked as a pirate during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Mabin began her career as a pirate when she was nine, working for the Riders of the Maelstrom. After working as a pirate for two years, Mabin had earned the nickname "Gunda the Terrible" and operated a small fleet of heavily-armed freighters. She would rob her victims of everything they had, before selling any survivors into slavery. As a result, a bounty of 50,000 credits was placed on her head by the authorities in the Perrinn sector and a number of criminal organizations became angered by actions she had taken against them.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Mabin's image in the sourcebook Pirates & Privateers, she is depicted with a lightsaber sheathed on her belt. Strangely, no mention of the lightsaber is made in her history nor her character statistics.


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