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Gungan Society
Political information

Head of state

Boss of Otoh Gunga

Head of government

Boss of Otoh Gunga


Bombad General

Executive branch

Gungan High Council

Legislative branch

Gungan High Council

Judicial branch

Gungan High Council

Societal information

Otoh Gunga

Official language

Gungan Basic (formerly Old Gungan


Unknown (possibly Galactic Credit Standard after 32 BBY)

State religious body

Gungan religion

Historical information
Date established

3000 BBY[1]


Gungan Society was the civil government of the Gungans. It was formed after the War of the Gungan tribes, when Boss Gallo defeated Boss Rogoe. It largely remained isolationist after the Grizmalltian Settlers colonized Naboo. Around 32 BBY, the society opened up to the rest of the galaxy and had their first representative in the Galactic Senate. During the Imperial Period, they worked closely but secretly with the Royal House and the people in opposing the Empire. The society was divided into communities and its military was the Gungan Grand Army.



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