The Gungenineeren was a corp of Gungan technicians and engineers that specialized in operating underwater. They were typically responsible for the development and maintenance of the hydrostatic bubbles and the organic bubble wort Gungan cities were constructed from. They could also perform various other tasks as the situation called for it.

During the Occupation of Theed in 32 BBY, a small corp headed by Koh Pa Wupps was assigned by Boss Nass to salvage a Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport from the bottom of the Solleu River. During the recovery, an escort of three tribubble bongos, piloted by members of the Naboo Resistance, protected the group from a young, orphaned colo claw fish that attacked the site repeatedly.

The MTT, Transport 714, was used to convey Queen Padmé Amidala and her forces undetected to to a hidden passage at the base of Theed's cliff, where they infiltrated and eventually reclaimed the city.