"Copy that trooper, escort them back to gunship R4-1A for questioning, over."
―A clone trooper captain, to another clone trooper.[src]

Gunship R4-1A was a LAAT/i that was used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Battle of Teth.


During the Battle of Teth, the gunship landed in a clearing and a clone captain based himself inside the craft, observing the progress of the battle from a transparisteel screen. A clone trooper captured the Tethan Peder and a another Tethan youngling near the site of the battle, and was ordered by the clone captain to take the pair to the gunship, for questioning. Peder escaped, but the other Tethan complied and traveled to the gunship with the trooper.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gunship R4-1A appears in one of the possible outcomes that can be chosen by the reader in The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny: Tethan Battle Adventure.