«Oh, we are best among everybody, but not for you. We hunters know more than everybody.»
―Gurke to Revan[src]

Gurke was a Gamorrean living in Anchorhead on Tatooine during the time of the Jedi Civil War. He often spent time in search of Krayt dragons to kill. When It became apparent that it was too hard of game to kill, He then led a band of Gamorrean hunters, including Narkal and Ugzak, who robbed and killed those they found in the Dune Sea. During one of his forays he threatened to kill Revan, but was persuaded to leave him alone. Gurke thought of Narkal as stupid, and frequently told him to shut up.

Behind the scenesEdit

Depending on the player's inclination, Gurke and his band can be dealt with peacefully, bribed, or killed.

When the player encounters Gurke in the hunting lodge, they have the option of using the force to silence him, insulting him until he leaves, or complimenting him. The insult option, in which Revan tells the trio to “hold your tongues or I’ll rip them out,” will gain Dark Side points.

None of these options will affect (Prevent) the ambush at the speeder accident



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