"Yousa shuttle comin' to da restricted space. My gonna gib yousa ten seconds to gib da codes dat's keepin' yousa livin'."
―Gus Gus Tren[src]

Gus-Gus (pronounced "Goose-Goose") Tren was a male Gungan communications officer working in the flying fortress Conkesta in 31 BBY. He enjoyed his job, and he deemed it a dignity living under "Boss" Nalvas.

Tren disliked the Red Fury Brotherhood, a pirate organization that provided supplies for the still-in-construction Conkesta. Tren thought, not without a reason, that the pirates were unprofessional, although he admitted that, at that point, the Conkesta needed their shipments. Tren also disliked smugglers.

Tren was on duty when a Brotherhood shuttle approached. Although Tren was unaware of it, the shuttle was being crewed by impostors pretending to be pirates to board the Conkesta and then destroy her. Through the comlink, Tren put them in a predicament, accusing them of being delayed and using obsolete codes, and asking for a lot of information — but he was simply letting his steam out, as he knew the Conkesta needed the tools in their hold.

The Conkesta was destroyed soon afterward.