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Gus Talon was a moon of the planet Corellia.[1] The moon had a Rebel cell, and in 2 BBY, the Gus Talon Station was bombed into non-existence by the Galactic Empire's TIE/sa bombers.

One of its famous settlers was the Rebel Alliance hero, Wedge Antilles, who, before joining the Alliance, ran legal goods to and from the small settlements of the moon. When Antilles' girlfriend Mala disappeared during the Imperial attack—whether killed or captured remains unknown—Wedge wholly confirmed his duty to the Rebel Alliance.

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Behind the scenesEdit


One of Corellia's moons


The other two moons of Corellia

Gus Talon made its first appearance in the comic story Lucky. It was described in the comic as a "Corellian moon", which contradicted the sourcebook Coruscant and the Core Worlds, which claimed that Corellia had no moons. This inconsistency was retconned in 2008 by The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which described Gus Talon as a "moon of Corellia".

In Star Wars Galaxies, three moons could be viewed from the surface of Corellia, as well as from space. One of these moons must have been Gus Talon.



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