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Gust Toruna, who was also known as Guster, was a male Twi'lek, who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


During the time of the Clone Wars, Toruna worked for the criminal Vex, on the planet of Cularin. Toruna was one of a group of couriers who were sent by Vex to transport an illicit shipment. However, they were attacked by a group of thugs that were working for Riboga the Hutt and were all killed. Toruna was able to cheat death and was replaced by a timeshadow of himself.

When Vex finally found Toruna, he was furious with him for the loss of the shipment and had his Trandoshan enforcer Raptor beat up the Twi'lek. Toruna explained what had happened and Vex claimed to believe Toruna's tale of how he had died. However, to prove if Toruna was telling the truth, Vex had Raptor shoot Toruna. There was no timeshadow this time and the shot killed the unfortunate Twi'lek.


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